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Yang Hao let go in great fright. Zhe Ziyu immediately threw himself to the ground. Zhe Ziyu gave a cry of surprise and said angrily, "How dare you throw me?" Yang Hao immediately realized that something was wrong. By this time, however, it was too late to bend down to save him. Thanks to his quick reaction, he immediately made a bouncing action with his legs. When Zhe Ziyu's head was still a few inches away from the ground, Yang Hao's boot tip was inserted into his face. Zhe Ziyu's cheek was held by his boot face. He could not help being angry and ashamed. He gnashed his teeth and said, "You kicked me?" "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry." Yang Hao helped her up in a hurry. Zhe Ziyu blushed and shouted incoherently, "Take away your smelly feet." "Oh!" Yang Haoyi let go. Zhe Ziyu immediately fell softly to the ground again. Yang Hao quickly supported her again and exclaimed, "What's wrong with you? Are you hurt?" Wu Wa'er said with a smile on the couch, "Officer, she's not hurt. It's just that the spring breeze is dispersing, and the effect of the medicine is breaking out." As soon as Yang Hao looked up, he saw that Tang Yanyan's hands and feet were tied up behind her back. Her almond eyes were wide open and her cheeks were red. The baby was lying on her side with a smile, but that Xiuer had disappeared. For a moment, it was like falling into a dream. He couldn't help wondering: "How could you be here? What happened?"? What is the spring breeze? "Chunfeng San" is a kind of narcotic drug, which was originally used by some brothels to deal with women who refused to submit. Wu Wa'er was the first leader of Bianliang brothels, and the girls in all courtyards had to respect her. When she left,interactive panel board, she thought that this medicine might be useful when she was away from home, so she asked Apricot to ask for some from the old dove in other courtyards, but she didn't want to use it on Zhe Ziyu. Yang Hao did not know what it was, so he naturally wanted to ask about it. At this time, Deng Xiuer came out from the corner of the bed and said timidly, "Yang, Yang yuan Shi." "Ah!" Yang Hao patted his forehead. It suddenly occurred to him that this was not the time to get to the bottom of the matter. "They're coming,classroom interactive whiteboard, Lord Cheng," he said. This officer can be more inconvenient to let people see with you, the little lady also please take advantage of the chaos to leave as soon as possible. Come on, come on. That Xiuer just listened to the three of them fragmented conversation, in the heart of anxiety, Yang Hao was born in the south, will abandon the king of Jin to help themselves? She had the heart to ask again, see Yang Hao so urgent, had to answer yes, jumped out of bed and ran out, Yang Hao in the back hurriedly said: "At this time can not go to see Liu Xiangzhi them, you will come back tomorrow morning." Yang Hao turned to Zhe Ziyu and asked in surprise, "How did you three get together?"? Still hiding in my bed. What's going on? Zhe Ziyu turned his head with a cold face and did not answer in anger. The baby had already pulled out the pillow towel from Tang Yanyan's mouth. Tang Yanyan immediately shouted, smart board interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboard for schools, "Brother Hao, be careful. She's going to kill you." "Kill me?" Yang Hao was in a daze again. He looked at the dagger that had fallen to the ground. Then he looked at Zhe Ziyu's face. Zhe Ziyu sneered, "Yes, this girl came here today to kill you, an ungrateful, immoral and unscrupulous man.". Now that it has fallen into your hands, and you want to kill or cut it, you can give it to yourself. Yang Hao shook his head and said, "I don't believe you. You won't kill me!" "Why did you say such an angry thing, Miss Zhe?" Wawa asked. "You've just been observing my words and expressions, but you can't see that you mean to kill my officer." "Baby," said Yang Hao, "what are you still doing lying there? Why don't you come down?" With a bitter face, the baby said, "Officer, the slave family and Miss Zhe have all won." The spring breeze has dispersed. It's really hard to move at this time. "What kind of poison was it and who did it?" Waer said, "It's not a poison. After a while, it will be solved naturally. The person who drugged it is naturally the slave family. Yang Hao couldn't make head or tail of it when he heard it.". The weather is hot, each other do not wear much, the feeling of skin contact makes Zhe Ziyu upset, she tried to leave Yang Hao's arms. It happened that his body was weak and his feet were rootless. It was all right not to leave. It was not easy to struggle away, but in a flash, he leaned softly against his chest. Zhe Ziyu felt uncomfortable all over, but he could not break out again. Yang Hao hugged her soft waist. Listening to the noise in the direction of the granary, I was afraid that the life-saving food and the important prisoners would make any mistakes. Since the doll said that they could not move now, regardless of Zhe Ziyu's protest, she picked her up at the waist and put her back on the couch. Then she picked up her dagger and cut off the rope on Tang Yanyan's body with one sword. She put the sword into her hand and said, "I'm going to look at the granary. I'll be right back. You watch them." Let's talk about it later. "Good!" Tang Yanyan rubbed his hands to take the sword and turned to Zhe Ziyu eagerly. Yang Hao hurried to Menqi and suddenly stopped to turn around and said, "Yan!" "Huh?" Tang Yanyan hurriedly looked back and tried to put on an amiable smile. Yang Hao said with a straight face, "Don't embarrass her. Wait for me to come back and talk about everything before running out." 。 When it comes to this, you still protect her? Tang Yanyan muttered angrily. Turning to look at Zhe Ziyu again, Zhe Ziyu raised her eyebrows and raised her chin. She looked like she had nothing to fear. She hated her so much that her teeth itched. On second thought, an idea came to her mind. Tang Yanyan laughed and said triumphantly, "What are you doing?"? Think that with him protecting you, this girl will not dare to touch you? Hum! Hum! Tang Yanyan rubbed his sour chin. With a mouthful of small white teeth, "plow," laughed. ※ Yang Hao ran out of his residence and ran in the direction of Guancang. On the way, he saw Basu walking with his soft legs. Yang Hao shouted angrily, "Basu, are you looking at the scenery here?"? Didn't I tell you to go and see what happened? Basu turned his head and said with a bitter face, "My Lord, my legs have suddenly lost their strength. It's good to be able to poison the road. Why do you still run?"? I can't run. Is it a heatstroke? Yang Hao: Bah. Take a bite. He thought to himself,interactive panels for education, "Why did Shuangding Gong suddenly come into contact with me? Could it be that it was also related to Nashifeng San? The medicine was in the tea book.". But how can I have nothing to do? When I was bitten by a big colorful snake on the prairie, did it produce antibodies, so it was invulnerable to all kinds of poisons? 。 hsdsmartboard.com